18 Wheelers Have Arrived

The 18 Wheelers like to sing songs about trucks.
As a matter of fact, they may be the only musical group in the state of Florida who play that style of Americana known as “truck driving music”.

Blending elements of roots rock, honkytonk country, western swing, rockabilly, and bluegrass, The 18 Wheelers keep it upbeat and danceable.
They’re not afraid to do the occasional cry in your beer song either.
Boasting three vocalists who sing lead, this south Florida band has been entertaining audiences from the Palm beaches to the Keys with their combination of humor, good grooves and three part harmonies for quite some time now.

The 18 Wheelers sound is something that’s best appreciated in a live setting where the drinks are flowing and people are ready to dance and enjoy themselves.

Whether they’re driving the train on a Johnny Cash number, rocking out on an Elvis tune, or singing an old classic by Buck Owens or Gram Parsons, the band seamlessly blends a deep catalog of classic covers with their own original songs.
All the topics of the genre are covered – driving a big rig across the country, losing your girl, getting drunk, going to jail, and disappointing your mama.